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ACH Manager™

To allow your business to process automated ACH transactions securely, Gulf Coast Business Bank (GCBB) offers ACH Manager!  You will enjoy ACH processing with no need to purchase additional hardware. 

ACH Debit Origination Benefits: 

  • There are two main reasons to use ACH Debit Origination: Cash Collection and Cash Concentration.
    • Cash Collection: ACH Debit Origination allows for the fastest retrieval of money from customers.
    • Cash Concentration: ACH Debit Origination allows businesses like retailers with multiple locations (which often maintain accounts at more than one bank) to consolidate funds in one depository account.
  • Transferring funds in this manner is often more cost-effective than originating drawdown wire transfers or issuing and processing checks.
  • Funds transferred electronically are generally available for use the next business day.

ACH Credit Origination Benefits:

  • Cost and efficiency are the two main benefits of originating payments via the ACH network.
  • When sending numerous or repetitive payments, ACH Credit Origination is cost-effective and typically the method of choice.
  • Businesses often use this for "direct deposit" of funds to colleagues, retirees, or other recurring payment recipients.
  • Allows the flexibility of funding accounts maintained at other banks.

This service is only available to business customers and requires additional approval.  Contact us at 239-345-BANK or email at