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Remote Deposit Capture

What Is Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a secure, convenient, and simple way to make electronic deposits without sending paper checks to the bank. Business Customers no longer have to organize checks or documents and travel to the bank to process payments. Not having to physically go into a branch to make a deposit helps you to save time and money by scanning and depositing checks right from your business. In addition to convenience, your business will benefit from improved cash flow through faster funds availability and check clearing.  Getting started is easy. All you need is a PC, internet connection, and a check scanner (provided by the bank).

How Will Remote Deposit Capture Improve Your Business Operations?

Business customers will gain the freedom of processing payments or scanning checks outside of banking hours and also gain back valuable time by not having to do the “bank run”.  You will love the ease of being able to deposit your checks quickly and efficiently all while staying in the comfort of your office.  RDC will improve business productivity through these features:

  • Speeds up funds availability by eliminating the physical transportation of checks which in turn reduces the time it takes to complete your deposits.
  • Saves money by reducing transportation and courier costs to deposit checks at the bank.
  • Produces a record of each check and creates a transaction history.
  • Allows for faster access to your funds by eliminating the time associated with paper transactions.

  • Simplifies payment processing through faster check processing and clearing.

  • Reduces fraud by using encrypted software to electronically transmit your checks for deposit to your Gulf Coast Business Bank account.  Fraud is less likely due to:  
    • Faster clearing of checks which will allow you to identify fraudulent checks quickly.
    • Minimizing the possibility of losing checks.
    • Less chance of altered checks from mailing check deposits.

No additional software necessary to install on your PC.

  • Approved scanner necessary.

  • Next day availability on your deposits.

 For small business customers that receive a low volume of checks, GCBB mobile deposits are a great alternative.

Contact a Personal Banker for more detailed information about Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) for your business or mobile banking for small business owners.  We will give you the personal attention you deserve and provide financial solutions for your company’s needs.

Our state-of-the-art system with local control and authority sets us apart from the competition. Hopefully you will experience our superior level of service and expertise with a long-term partnership that is Focused on Your Dreams and Goals! 

****Remote Deposit Capture is subject to approval****