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Technical Questions

Which Browser Can I Use to Access GCBB Online Banking?

Our site runs best on the latest versions of most internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.  You must, however, keep your browser up to date to ensure optimal performance and security on our website.  Please be mindful that mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) minimally require Apple iOS 12.0 or Android 7.0 to support the mobile app.  If your mobile device does not meet the minimum requirements, it may still load online banking; but all the features may not be available.

It’s strongly recommended that you make certain the latest patches from Microsoft have been installed when using Internet Explorer or Edge.  More information is available on Microsoft's website.

Why Am I Receiving This Message?  "Server is busy or is not responding"

It is possible that the information you entered is incorrect.  Review the URL web address bar located at the top of the webpage to ensure the web address is correct.  A complete web address appears in the following format: If the URL is correct, attempt to connect a second time to the web address. If your attempts to connect to the website are unsuccessful, please contact us at

How Do I Clear Cache and Cookies?

Each web browser is different.  Please refer to your browser’s HELP or support for instructions.

Why am I Being Asked to Re-register My Device After Doing it Multiple Times Already?

You will be asked a challenge question each time you log into your device unless you check the box to register that device.  

What if I Already Registered My Device?

There are other reasons you may be asked to re-register a device, some are noted below:

  • You switched to a new browser or changed your browser settings
  • You deleted your cookies
  • You’ve modified your device/computer, its operating system, or software settings
  • Your internet provider changed its system settings affecting our ability to recognize your device
  • You have changed or reset your password

Please Note:  For enhanced security, online banking may ask a challenge question at random – even if your device is registered.  This can also happen if your browser or device is set to clear history upon exiting, you are in incognito or private browsing mode, or your browser settings prevent cookies from being stored on your device. 

What Should I Do With the “Paper Check” After a Mobile Deposit?

We recommend securely storing the check for at least 14 business days but not necessary past 30 days.  You can then destroy the original paper check.

What if I Lose My Mobile Device?

We recommend deactivating your device right away.  You can also contact us for assistance at 239-345-BANK or email

What Should I Do if I Would Like to Open Another Account or Sign Up for Additional Services?

Visit our branch and speak with a Personal Banker.