Construction Equipment

Clearing Land for the Boom Ahead

Everywhere you look in SWFL today land is being cleared for new construction. To keep up with the population, infrastructure growth is essential. Heavy equipment is in constant need for any land clearing or construction company looking to get the job done and keep up with demand.
In August 2021, WINK News reported, “The 2020 census data is out, and it shows Southwest Florida’s population is booming. The new data shows, over the past 10 years, Southwest Florida gained more than 220,000 more residents in the region — between Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties. Lee County gained the most residents with 140,000.
“As population grows, we should be able to attract more businesses,” said Amir Neto, the director of FGCU’s Regional Economic Research Institute.†
More businesses require more building and the infrastructure to support this growth. Earth moving equipment, is and will continue to be in constant need in SWFL.  Gulf Coast Business Bank has you covered. We offer Guidance Equipment Lines that are pre-approved to allow businesses to purchase new or used equipment upon presentation of the purchase invoice. Knowing you have available credit can allow a business owner the flexibility to act if and when new or used equipment comes on the market. Typically, the longer the term of financing the more of a down payment the borrower will put down. An equipment line of credit may be the flexible funding solution your business needs.
“Having a guidance equipment line from a business focused bank like Gulf Coast Business Bank is invaluable. It gives me the ability to purchase new or used equipment at any point in time in a high demand market allowing me the ability to complete my jobs on a timely basis”, Guy Paparella, owner of International Rental Services, Inc.
There is a lot to consider when planning to purchase or lease heavy equipment. As a trusted advisor who can help you understand what is involved and provide the tools to help you achieve your dreams and goals, Gulf Coast Business Bank supports the Southwest Florida community and local businesses. For more information or call 239-345-BANK (2265) to speak with Donna Rambo (239) 306-8644, Tom Robinson (239) 306-8640, or Brian Munderloh (239) 306-8641, today.   
Bill Blevins is President and CEO of Gulf Coast Business Bank (GCBB). Locally owned and operated by some of Southwest Florida’s most experienced bankers, GCBB is personally invested in the success of the community and its businesses. Through highly competitive and tailored products and services, state-of-the-art technology, and personalized banking decisions made locally, GCBB goes above and beyond to build a strong and consistently growing local economy.